Equus Health was founded in 1995 with the genuine wish to offer horse owners a guide through the ever growing selection of remedial natural products coming onto the market.  We cover 450 stores across England, Wales and Scotland.


Managing the supply of products to owners and stores across south Wales I can offer local advice and information about the Equus Health range.


Our approach to equine health issues has been a combination of good common sense, current horse knowledge and that of yesteryear, alongside natural products and/or sound veterinary advice and treatment where applicable.


The horse world has seen a massive change in the last 20 years. Feeding, supplementation and remedial work used to be done by 'feel' and animal husbandry was a natural part of everyday life. This was mainly dealt with by people who had the knowledge passed down through their family or neighbouring farmers.

So whether you want to maintain your golden oldie, support your stroppy mare or just keep your beloved in the best of health contact me for advice or to find a local stockist.